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Updates of Aadhar Bill

Governemt introduced aadhar bill in lok sahbha on thursday. The main purpose of the bill is to legalize
Aadhaar number to provide government subsidies and other uses.Keeping the confidentiality of personal information, such as the provisions of this bill is considered on the basis of this card adds to citizenship.

Aadhaar (financial and other subsidies, benefits, services, and the targeted delivery) Bill -2016 protests from members of Congress introduced by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.Aadhaar will assure the confidentiality of the data, he said.Parliamentary Affairs Minister venkayya Naidu, said till now Rs.20 crores saved by restricing non eligibile candidates getting subsidies.

Mukhyansalivi latest bill ..
* Received benefits from the Consolidated Fund of India, subsidies, services will be a condition of getting the Aadhaar number.

* A person offered the Aadhaar number .. subsidies, benefits or services to get the alternative, the practical detection is unable to.

* The biometric information collected from citizens archivist carefully, only to have to see this bill proposed to make Aadhaar number.

* Aadhaar number, but related to the certification, but citizenship, permanent residency certification has the right, even if they can not be the basis of Clause 9 spastancestondi.

* Suparipalanatopatu subsidies and other benefits to the target groups, efficient, transparent, allowing them to pass.

* Unique Identification Authority of India Bill (yuaidieai) provides legitimacy to.

* Terms abusers to one to three years of imprisonment or a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh from thousands.

Women do not have a time limit to introduce the bill
Women’s Reservation Bill was tabled in Parliament, the government made it clear that there is no time limit. Said that the consensus between the parties kudaralsina. Lok Sabha, the government is working to provide 33 per cent reservation for women in state and federal Law Minister DV Sadananda Gowda said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

Aadhar will get statutory status bill


The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a bill that would give legitimacy to the new   statutory status to Aadhaar. The sources of information to be introduced to Parliament in a few days. After the bill passes  the legal status of the aadhaar applicable to various development-related projects. From the Consolidated Fund of India receives all kinds of benefits, subsidies, services shall be made available through the Aadhaar platform. Jaitley, the Finance Minister in his 2016-17 budget speech,  stated that the legality of Aadhaar is provided. Aadhaar will deliver economic and other incentives, in the current budget session of Parliament, the bill will introduced. Aadhaar number,becomes the identity of the citizenship rights of any kind of settlement.

Till Indian national identity bill 2010 is not cleared in rajya sabha. Till now government issued 98 crores aadhar cards to indian citizens. On an average daily 26 lakhs biometric and 1.5 lakh E kyc Transactions has been completed. Till now 11.19 crores aadhar cards linked with BTTL bank accounts.

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